Join us on a Journey through the history of Railway Technology and the History of Winnipeg

The railway was pivotal to the history of western Canada. Big transportation made agriculture possible and was a direct influence on our move to one of the world’s major bread basket. Western Canada’s reputation as a source of raw materials was built on effective transportation provided on our railway system.


The railways used three different types of locomotives: steam, diesel and electric. We have examples of all three on display. In addition to The Countess we have 1900, a uniquely Canadian diesel that worked the old depot tracks before retirement in our museum. We also have a small electric locomotive used in the mine in Flin Flon, Manitoba to the north.

Cars and Rolling Stock

A train’s real work is done by the cars that carried the freight or the passengers. We’ll show you how they did it with different types of cars for different types of work. We have an outside braced wooden box car, a Point St. Charles caboose used by the Canadian National, a colonist sleeper as well as an express refrigerator car.

Specialized Vehicles

Our Mack rail bus was the perfect vehicle for a light load on short line track which is how it worked between hydro dams. There was room for several passengers as well as a tool and baggage compartment in the back.

See some of the other specialists like spreaders and flangers used for snow removal, a really important job in northern nations.

Inspection and Maintenance

We have quite a few examples of track inspection cars as well as speeders and hand cars. Track requires constant monitoring to make sure it’s safe and that trains move without mishaps. See the tools that were used for building and maintaining track, the foundation of the railway.

The Environment

Railways are all about capacity and it’s well known that long trains with big locomotives deliver greater fuel economy. It also means lower greenhouse gas emissions. The railways are constantly working on making their machines even more efficient and their deliveries even more cost effective.

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