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Welcome to the
Winnipeg Railway Museum

We’re very sorry we’re closed at the moment but, since you’re here, join us on a virtual walk. Take The Tour through our collection and travel through the world of powerful steam engines blasting their way through Canada’s wilderness. See diesel locomotives pulling mile long trains on ribbons of steel, delivering goods to all points of the nation and conducting passengers from coast to coast.

Travel with us through time as a fledgling nation, rich in resources, takes its place among the world’s great trading partners. Wonder at a present and future featuring people running big business with giant machines to move the fruits of our skill and labour from producers to customers the world over. Find out why railways are not only important but vital to the way we live.

Your support will keep Canadian history alive and accessible!

We’re committed to working with our friends in Winnipeg to reopen our physical location as soon as possible. With your help we can, once again, take you among our artifacts and wonder at a technology so important to our history and lifestyle.

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Want to see more?
Visit our friends for other railway adventures!

Prairie Dog Central

Visit our friends at the Prairie Dog Central at Inkster Junction. Pick the right weekend and ride behind Locomotive Number 3, a steam engine built by Dubs and Company in Scotland and purchased by Canadian Pacific in 1882.

Transcona Museum

Visit our friends at the Transcona Museum located at 141 Regent West in Winnipeg. While you’re there go and see their Canadian National Locomotive 2747 at Kiwanis Park nearby. Engine 2747 is the first locomotive built in western Canada at the CN shops.

Assiniboine Park

Visit Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg and see Canadian National Locomotive 6043. Built in 1929, she was the last steam locomotive in Canada to operate a regularly scheduled run. In April of 1960, she ran to The Pas, Manitoba and back. When she dropped her fire in Winnipeg, North American railways were officially diesel railways.