Why talk about Railways?

Railways were vitally important in the development of our modern nation. They were the successor to the Voyageur canoe increasing the speed and capacity of our transportation system while reducing the time. They opened Canada to the markets of the world.

Railways are still a vital part of our economy moving Canada’s products to world markets while delivering the world’s products to our door to feed our industry and our people. It’s an important story to tell and we love telling it.

Visit us

We’re upstairs on Tracks 1 and 2 and we have an extensive collection of railway artifacts. See the Countess of Dufferin, an American Standard steam locomotive, a truly North American design. See how steam gave way to diesel power.

Visit our colonist car, a no-frills sleeper for the second wave of immigrants who came to call Canada home. See our art gallery car. Turn the corner and see rail buses and refrigerator cars. Find out how a northern nation moves trains in spite of cold and snow.

Who We Are

The Winnipeg Railway Museum is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers from the Midwestern Railway Association Inc. and the Winnipeg Model Railway Club.