A Railway Town

Winnipeg is truly a railway city served by five different carriers. We have two Canadian transcontinentals, the Canadian Pacific and the Canadian National. We also have a visitor from the south with the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. In addition we have two short line railways with the Central Manitoba Railway, operated by Cando, and the Greater Winnipeg Water District Railway operated by the City of Winnipeg.

Railways are many things

Did you know:

  • They’re the most energy efficient means of long haul, heavy haul, high speed transportation
  • They produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions per ton hauled than any other means of overland transport
  • They’re a vital part of our history, socially, politically and economically
  • They’re still an important part of world trade and commerce
  • They’re major Canadian employers
  • Railway telegraphy provided news wire copy and telegram service all across Canada
  • Our national parks and tourism came about because of Canadian railways
  • They’re vital to our future as an energy efficient means of mass transportation

The Midwestern Rail Association

Midwestern Rail was founded in 1975 to celebrate the contributions made by railways to our city, our province and our people. The Winnipeg Railway Museum was established for that purpose in 1992.

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